Sometimes, Silence is my Favorite Sound

Those who know me understand my passion for audio recordings of any type, particularly my favorite music. I won’t go into that now, but I will say that it is more than a hobby or a pastime: it is serious. But oddly enough, there are times when silence is my favorite sound. I have to quality this statement, so let me explain. I almost resorted to wax ear plugs to still the constant dripping from my old kitchen faucet. Listening to this constant irritation, I now understand the nature of water torture first hand. I am adamantly opposed to it. In fact, I was experiencing it right in my own home. Even if I turned on the TV or blasted some music, the insanely maddening sound drove me crazy. Perhaps through all the sound camouflage, I was imaging it going “drip, drip, drip.” Nonetheless, I soon realized that “silence is golden.” This is not my usual approach to life.

Nevertheless, upon closer scrutiny of the faucet, I saw that it needed repair. I doubted if it was just a matter of a new washer. I had tried that before. It is a simple fix that even I can do. No, it had to be something really wrong this time, so I called the plumber. It would be $100 for a basic visit during regular hours. Parts would be extra. Times have changed, and prices have gone up, just like everything else. This is exorbitant; would I cave in? No. I decided a more prudent and cost-effective course of action would be to install a brand-new device. Anyone who goes online will see dozens of ads for every kind of faucet from touchless to instant hot and filtered cold water. They are state of the art and impeccable.The designs are amazing—snaking goose necks that move this way and that. Different nozzles that regulate the kind of flow you desire. If you opt for handles, you can get one or two. It is absolutely impossible to decide.

I narrowed it down to a few top brands in the same price range for a basic model that looked sleek and shiny. I ended up with a Danze from this web site. For just under $300, I got top of the line, anteing up a bit more for the best design I have ever seen for a residential kitchen like mine. It is a pull-out model with one handle. I don’t trust the hands-free style. I think they will not go on. I am probably wrong, but I still like the appearance of the lever at the top. It has a bit of an old-world look due to various decorative touches. Some of the modern ones are so ultra-tech that they don’t even resemble a faucet at all. My kitchen hasn’t been remodeled so it is still traditional. This Danze faucet screams new and also classic. It is just perfect and will never drip, now or ever. The consultant on the website assured me of this fact.