My Collection is Growing

There is nothing like amassing your favorite objects so that you can enjoy them at any time. When you collect something, you need to take care of it. Temperature control, for example, can be important. You might have noticed the special machines in some museums that regulate the interior climate so that paintings and drawings don’t deteriorate. Sometimes they are a combination dehumidifier and air purifier. There are many ways that special items can be damaged by the environment. In my case, I have dozens of audio recordings that are precious to me. I could never reconstruct even one if it became inaudible for some reason. It is a tragedy that serious collectors don’t know how to preserve their items. Audio tapes, for example, need more attention than CDs and DVDs. I do have some old-style recordings as I haven’t yet transferred them to the new technology. Once you find damage, you become alert to the potential for real devastation of your collection.

I have found a simple solution for my collection and it is a basic inexpensive ceiling fan. I have designated a spare room in my house for the overflow of my recordings. It is a bit musty in there which bothers me, but won’t likely harm anything. The fan makes it more pleasant for me to spend time documenting what I own. Better air circulation makes a huge difference. As my inventory grows, I have to find better ways to store it. I need a wat to retrieve what I need quickly. I could use an alphabetical or number system. In any case, it is going to take time. I used to open the window for fresh air but for months out of the year, it is either too hot or too cold. In addition to the fan, I have a floor heater. I can spend ours sorting through my holdings as the room can be set to the perfect temperature all year round. I believe in practical solutions to problems as I have demonstrated.

Collecting is my passion and there is no end to what you can record and save for posterity. It could be lectures, TV programs or your favorite rare music. It could be a speech at a family event. I have it all. I believe that someday I will want to access something I heard in the past. Music never grows old so an array of selections from different eras is my idea of organization. I am known in my circle for this vast accumulation and I have become a sort of audio lending library for friends and family. I am so happy that my pastime appeals to others. It has taken a long time to build this collection and I want to make sure it gets used. I know what most of my friends like and I take the time to find it to add to my “shared” list.