Enjoying My Music Wherever I Want

It’s summer as I write and the time to be outdoors. You can choose a walk in the park, a hike on a mountain trail, a game of basketball on a school playground court, or simply sitting by yourself in the shade listening to your favorite audio recordings. The latter is the easy way out and it appeals to me. I like to catch up once in a while after a busy winter and spring. With mini portable Bluetooth speakers, I can enjoy my music wherever I want. It is a genius invention—a wireless device that goes anywhere. We all know about putting them in cars to amplify voices on our cell phones. They are better than annoying ill-fitting ear buds that always fall out.

I selected the best model I could find from Outdoor Light and Sound. It is important to have quality of sound with music. Not so vital with the mobile phone. Whether I am biking, involved in water recreation, or floating in a pool on a raft, my speakers will not be harmed by any of the elements of nature whether rain or pool water. The speakers can get wet with no repercussions. These small gadgets are powerful and practical not to mention compact. I love that they come in colors. Life is all about fun in the summer. Everyone needs these speakers. I sound like an ad. But I am impressed. I can even take a shower while listening to the latest songs. A receiver and microphone are built in so you can answer your phone while getting sprayed. I can put it on the shower tile or my car’s passenger window with the suction cup that comes with it. For charging, you get a power cord. Meanwhile you have a long-lasting battery.

I am going to make a list of all the places I have taken them to use in a future blog as an addendum. If that isn’t promotion, I don’t know what is! I can tell you right now that they will be seen at a ball game, a picnic, , the gym, a swim meet, a boring seminar, in a restaurant, and probably when I am standing in line at the supermarket or anywhere else. Music can be the constant background to your life. I remember an old TV show where each character had his or her “song.” Whenever he entered a room, it would play. I thought it was very funny and imaginative at the time. Now I live this fantasy as a reality.

My playlist is honed perpetually so I never tire of my selections. I take great care when making updates and deletions. It takes a long time to get bored when something is new. I can listen dozens of times over and over so it will take hold in my head and I can hear it later in a kind of melodic recall. Kids and teens are really good at this!