Best Acoustics in the House

I was with friends for our weekly Saturday afternoon gathering and the topic shifted to acoustics. My friends and I have a bet about what part of the house has the best. I am not including someone who has installed special sound paneling for their home entertainment system. That will surely give you an edge. Where, on the other hand, does the average person go to listen to music? Is it the living room, the rec or family room, the basement, or the kitchen? Everyone has a different story to tell. Mine was the most unique and is the topic of today’s blog for your amusement and pleasure. Thanks for joining me in spreading my love of “talking machines.” Audio equipment is the best in my abode. More about that later.

When I revealed the place with the best acoustics, everyone laughed. I was actually being serious. I sing in the shower regularly, to the accompaniment of music thanks to my waterproof speakers, because it has such good acoustics. It is the best in my house for sure. It makes me sound rather professional, which I am not. Far from it. One friend asked, “how do you do it for so long. Don’t you run out of hot water?” “Not at all,” I said smugly. “I have a new tankless water heater that never fails me.” I explained that you don’t need a giant tank of water sitting there costing you money when you can go with a state-of-the-art unit. You get endless showers if that is what you like. It doesn’t show up on your electricity bills.

So, I indulge myself in my morning singing session and get up extra early to do it for as long as I like. It is not a waste of time, my friend, since it puts me in a great mood to start the new day. Consider it a kind of hot water therapy. I recommend it highly if you are tense and anxious when facing what is to come. Give yourself a rainy treat and you will find out why I like it so much.

I am grateful, however, that no one hears me as good as I seem to sound. I know that it is an illusion. My friends wanted a sample and I politely declined. I will keep this experience private and to myself. I will never record it. I was willing to reveal my favorite songs. It is not hip hop, opera, heavy rock, or country. I stick to plain ol’ pop: the Billboard’s top list. Sometimes I wander into the past and croon an oldie but goodie. “I bet you are great at karaoke,” one friend challenged. “Of course, I am,” I teased back. “Let’s go and find out,” said everyone in unison. We made a date for the following Friday night at a favorite local bar. This was something new and we were excited. At least they were. They expected me to be revealed. But the rest is for another time…